About Sun Sales Team


National Rep Group and Distribution Service proudly representing the best and most innovative Companies in the consumer Retail Industries. 

Proud AM BEST AND NATSO Vendor...Travel Center, Truck Stop, Casino, Gift Shop Specialist...

Over 35 years of Excellence in Product Services with cutting edge solutions.

The Sun Sales Team excels at delivering superior product consultant, representation and distribution services. Sun Sales brings a level of expertise to your company that can only be gained from over 30 years of working with the consumer retail industry. Sun Sales understands the importance of meeting critical product marketing and management.

A High-Caliber Team of Experts
The Sun Sales Team consists of highly motivated experts who are committed to providing cost-effective, innovative solutions for developing strategic and tactical sales plans. Sun Sales hires experts in a variety of engineering specialties and provides team members with an atmosphere of professional growth and markets in the US and Canadian markets. Offices in TN, NC, SC, MN, NC, WI, and MO

Mass Merchants, Key Retailers, Casinos, Truck Stops / Travel Centers, Drug Stores, Convenience Stores Grocery, Hardware, Music and Video Retailers, Traditional and Non Traditional.

Sun Sales Team Proudly represents Travel Accessories, Toys, Car Accessories, Electronics, Housewares, and more. My organization is one of the most experienced, aggressive sales force with Decades of experience. If you want your product(s) placed...then Sun Sales Team should be your ONLY choice . 

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